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 Agent Success Kit 
Launch - The Course
Launch - The 8 Week Course is a comprehensive course designed to get real estate agent and loan officers to change their mindset 1% and focus on the business management aspect of running their business. 

Packed with lessons to help you master goal planning and tracking following the UPAD Principles of Success. Coupled with learning to master the Lead Generation Quadrant. Plus learn Leverage, Networking, Social Media. You will be a top producer in no time.

Includes Online Course too.
Real Estate Sales Mastery
Real Estate Sales Mastery.
The purpose of this training is to develop Sales Skills for todays agent that are impactful. These skills will help agents master the sales process which will help their clients through the decision making process and ensure that they are maximizing every possible opportunity. 

These skills are focused on the psychology of the sales process and should be tailored to the agents own unique skill set. They are timeless and powerful and will help agents become Master Sales People.
Mega Planner
The 2019 Power Planner is a powerful business and day planner for real estate agents. Packed with training, goal planning and tracking it is more than just a day planner... It is a business planner. Following the methodology of the Agent Management Portal, you will transform your business.

You will track weekly, monthly and yearly numbers and activities. This allows you to find deficiencies and adjust as needed to ensure that you hit your goals, every month. Every year. 
About the Kit
In this series you will learn everything you need to do from day 1 in the business. Broken down in to actionable steps you will progress through the series and by the end you will be fully equipped to be a successful real estate agent and business owner. Setting the foundation for explosive growth. Following the UPAD Principles of Success you will learn to Understand, Plan, Act and develop Discipline to successfully reach what ever goals you desire. 

Price: Just $199, you will retain these books for years to come and reference back to them often. Plus the books come with video lessons.

For brokers and associations that want on-boarding or training material, the Agent Success Kit is the perfect concept. Books come in a sleek box for safe keeping and has a a great presence. Custom box logo is available for orders over 10. For custom orders request a quote here. Discounts for volume orders.
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